It was a great weekend and I felt like I was in heaven at the Orvis Down the Hatch rendezvous. They had guides from all over here learning, and on Saturday a day the whole family enjoyed.

Friday night I was just in awe at all the fishy folks in the know. Fly shop owners, big brand reps, some of the best guides around, boat makers and so much more. They had dinner and some really great speakers. If you get some time check out Twin Territory, they were some of the great speakers we had and that was geared more towards getting kids out.

Then Saturday was the big day with all the vendors, guide Olympics, live music and the film festival. The film festival is of course my favorite. It was a fun night with Hank Patterson speaking and they showed some of his videos, along with other really great films and giveaways.


    2 Years Ago on Rock Creek

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