I have only been to Washington, D.C. once and like everybody says, you can't do it all in a few days. And while I may not get back to see these two national treasures at the same time, a return trip to the Smithsonian among other attractions is definitely on my bucket list. But if you happen to able to schedule a trip in June, the original handwritten manuscript and the flag that inspired it will be on display together for what is believed to be the first time for about three weeks, starting on Flag Day June 14. The flag has been on display at the Smithsonian since the early 1900s. The Francis Scott Key manuscript is normally on display at the Maryland Historical Society. The joint display marks the start of  celebrations marking 200 years since the "Star Spangled Banner" was written on September 14, 1814. Factoid: Francis Scott Key penned it after watching the British bombard Baltimore's Fort McHenry. It was originally a poem that was later set to music. Kind of a lengthy one at that. Neat to see all the words beyond what we hear before the start of a sporting event. DB


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