It was a massive part of my childhood - going to the video store on the weekend to rent movies!  Now I have kids and all they'll ever have to do is tell their smart TV to find the movie they want to watch.  Crazy how the times have changed.

In the early 2000's Blockbuster had over 9,000 stores across the country.  Netflix, where you could originally get movies by mail, along with digital downloads, Redbox, and streaming, started to signal the end for visits to the video store.

Last year it was big news when Alaska shut down their last remaining Blockbusters.  It left Bend, Oregon as the lone Blockbuster in the United States.  At the time there was still one other store in Australia.  But with news of the Australia location deciding to close down the store in Bend can now claim the title of the last remaining Blockbuster on the planet!

The store has been open for 20 years and offers new releases.  But the general manager Sandi Harding says the older movies are what makes the difference for the store.  "You can go to Redbox and you can get the new titles, but they don't have the older ones," Harding said. "Netflix and Amazon don't have everything, either."

From over 9,000 locations in the country to just one sole survivor.  High five to the Bend, Oregon Blockbuster for being an answer to a future Jeopardy question!

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