It has been a couple years since I have been able to hang out with my friend Maggie. Now Maggie isn't your ordinary friend. She doesn't speak much unless there is a noise or something she doesn't like. She likes to lick and chew...

You may have guessed Maggie is a dog, she is a red nose pit-bull that I have baby-sat for a long long time. When I first met her was the summer of 2008... and we have been buddies ever since. Her parents live in about 2 1/2 hours up north and needed a sitter, and well I decided to take the weekend off and watch the hounds.

She is one of my favorite dogs and it has been a treat to have he and Bucky visit. Bucky is one of the best dogs and is just a love. Bucky wants to always be around you and can not get enough love.

They make the day better and I am hoping to get a dog one day. Maggie has been all smiles and this one photo in particular shows it all. "Reunited and it feels so good".

Charene Herrera TSM




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