It is no surprise that Montana is home to some of the most haunted locations in the United States. Our state was founded by wild west cowboys, mountain men and miners. In fact, Butte used to be the largest mining camp in the country. And, at one point, held a population larger than San Francisco. But, taming the wild country of Montana during the wild west era was not without sacrifice. Thousands of miners died digging copper ore underground in Butte. Hundreds of cattle rustlers and horse thieves were hung by vigilantes. And countless people met their fate dealing with nature. There are multiple reasons why Montana is a paranormal hot spot, and a beacon for researchers of paranormal activity.

The Travel Channel has really become a "Paranormal Channel," as a lot of their content revolves around cryptozoology and hauntings. The most popular show on Travel Channel has got to be "Ghost Adventures." A show featuring 3 paranormal investigators that lock themselves in a haunted location overnight, to try and capture evidence of paranormal activity. Now, a behind the scenes member of the Ghost Adventures crew has branched off to do his own investigations. But, with a slight twist.

Documentary Filmmaker, Dakota Laden, along with his sister and childhood friend are setting out to find evidence of the paranormal activity. Only one team member knows the location they will be investigating and each team member will have to separate and spend the night in the location alone.

The Old Montana State Prison is one of the most haunted locations in the US. Which is why it, along with Butte, was featured on a recent episode of 'Destination Fear." Watch the full episode, featuring our friend, and fellow Missoulian, Erik Bratlien (founder of Tortured Souls Investigations.)

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