The Fat Cat Pizzeria building off of Brooks in Missoula has been sitting there empty for years. But not for much longer!

A company called RBH Investments is about to spend about $2 million to renovate the old building and get some new business in there. And not just one business, but actually TWO.

The plan is to split the building in half and separate it into two different businesses. One of those businesses would be Horizon Credit Union, which would be its second Missoula location. They're not sure yet what the other half of the building would be, but they mention that it has an outdoor patio area and would be well-suited towards some kind of restaurant.

And now begins the wild speculation. What restaurant could take the place there? There are so many that Missoulians are always hoping for whenever a space opens up. Could we finally be getting an Olive Garden? Maybe a Red Lobster? Or maybe (this one's my pick) a Texas Roadhouse? Or maybe even a new place owned by a Missoulian who's been looking for the perfect location?

Who knows! It could be a little while until the building is done and we actually find out what's gonna be happening over there, but it's just nice to see it finally getting used for something.

What would you like to see pop up in the old Fat Cat Pizzeria location? A chain coming into town, or maybe a new, locally-owned restaurant? Let us know by messaging us through our mobile app!

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