It's just a sad fact of the world we live in - somebody is always trying to find a way to get their hands on your hard-earned money. As always, be suspicious about phone calls that are demanding payment over the phone.

With the coronavirus pandemic, customers had a period of time where their utilities couldn't be cut off. But that time has now passed. And because it can now be used as a threat again, NorthWestern Energy is warning customers about possible phone calls claiming their power will be cut off if they don't make payment on an overdue bill.

NorthWestern Energy doesn't call and demand payment over the phone. Most places don't. If you receive a call from any business demanding an immediate payment you should hang up and contact the company on a separate call to confirm the request is legit.

As listed in this KPAX article, the following are warning signs that you may be the target of a scam:

  • Threat: NorthWestern Energy never contacts any customer threatening service disconnection if a payment is not made immediately.
  • Unexpected: NorthWestern Energy provides multiple notices, such as phone calls, mail and door hangers, over several weeks to customers with past-due accounts. A service disconnection is completed only after a customer receives several notifications.
  • Surprise: Customers with past due balances continued to receive notices from NorthWestern Energy throughout the temporary moratorium on service disconnections voluntarily put in place in March. NorthWestern Energy customers with past-due bills will not be surprised by a notice.
  • Afternoon, Friday or holiday: NorthWestern Energy does not do service disconnections: after noon; on Fridays; the day before or during holidays.

If you feel that you're potentially the victim of this scam, don't give out any personal information and call NorthWestern Energy at 888-467-2669.


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