I was on my couch watching the Griz offense explode for 59 points on Saturday when I received a text message from someone saying Luke Combs was at the game.

With all the excitement of Luke being here for a SOLD OUT show next week my first thought was "NICE!"  Then after one second my brain said "wait, why would he be here a week before the show?"

I jumped online and quickly saw Luke was playing in Iowa that night.  By no means am I a logistics expert, but I replied to the text and said "there's no way Luke is here if he has a show in another state."  I mean, we all love the Griz.  Maybe Luke loves the Griz, I'm not sure.  But I know with most concerts there's usually a schedule for the day complete with catering times, meet & greets, soundcheck, etc.

Fast forward a couple hours later and I'm getting a message on Facebook messenger.  Somebody else is sending me a picture and saying Luke was at the game.  After seeing the picture it was pretty clear that it wasn't Luke.  It was a pretty decent Luke-alike though.

Anyway, here's the pic as it was posted on a Facebook page from the game.

If you read through the comments it appears the poster was having some fun with the picture and knew it wasn't Luke Combs.  But quite a few believed it was and left comments like "NOOO WAY," "I'm jealous," and "That's awesome."

But you have to give it to them - it was a pretty fun picture - and if you casually glance at it you might think it was Luke.

But as far as Luke Combs in Missoula - we'll have to wait until the show next week.

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