As warmer weather and May approach, the desire to social distance in the great Montana outdoors increases.

Now, as if you didn't have enough foreign-invasion health issues to worry about, our pal Montana Grant from Montana Outdoor dot com has let us know that the Long-horned Tick from Asia has apparently started to flourish more in North America. But please...we're not jamming down on the panic button here.

The original beach head was in New Jersey, but the latest contact was from a deer in Center County, Pennsylvania. At some point this new Alien will probably find its way to Montana. Apparently, cold winters do not bother it.

Originally detected in North America in 2017.  Females reproduce asexually and can lay 2000 eggs after feeding. The horns on the tick are only visible with a microscope.

No one enjoys parasites but we must all be aware of them. Depending upon the species of tick, many diseases like Lyme’s Disease are a concern. Frequent checks and awareness can prevent negative health issues. If the tick is embedded, use tweezers to remove them. GET THE HEAD! If you use Vaseline or just pull part of the tick out, they will vomit their bacteria into your body. We hope you're not having a sandwich right now.

Please stay safe and continue to practice social distancing measures out there in the woods.


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