The last time I did any sort of eating challenge I thought it would be my last one, last night proved me wrong. It was Taco Tuesday at the Laughing Grizzly located at 2300 West Broadway in Missoula. If you've never been before you can get $10 all you can eat tacos plus they have $3 margaritas, and $2 Corona's. Basically everything you could ever need after a long Tuesday at work.

My server last night was Michelle and she was fantastic, very friendly and quick service, and most important she brought out some delicious tacos. As soon as I arrived I had to check what the current record for most tacos finished was, the current record was 8 tacos ordered but not finished. As soon as I heard that I knew I had to go for the record.

After eating my first two tacos, I was feeling good and confident I could break the record. Then my next two tacos came and I took those down easy. On my 5th and 6th taco I started to slow down a little but still finished those. Then came the 7th and record breaking 8th taco. Michelle even mentioned how my taco eating pace had slowed way down. But I got through them and broke the record last night devouring 8 tacos completely.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

The only way I was able to complete this is because the tacos really taste good. Remember Taco Tuesday is every Tuesday from 4-8pm, whether you want to break the new record or just enjoy some amazing tacos I hope to see you next week at the Laughing Grizzly. I did enjoy free tacos for joining in on the fun of Taco Tuesday at the Laughing Grizzly.

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