WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Montana is filled with reminders of the past--remnants of booming mining towns scattered all over the state, river rock foundations, old boardwalks, barns, brothels, and hotels--all providing a glimpse into the past.

Seven years ago, my brother purchased 40 acres of property near the town of Lennep, MT. The property just so happened to be a portion of a former silver mining boomtown, called Castle Town. The chunk of property he bought appears to be the smelter plant for the ore, as well as a few residential homes. We didn't think much about the possibility that owning a chunk of a ghost town would actually have ghosts. But, shortly after buying the property, my brother found himself alone in his camper taking a nap. He says he woke up to the feeling of his bedsheets being tucked in around him and someone sitting on the bed. He claimed, "It was almost like my wife was tucking me in before climbing into bed." But no one was there.

Travel Channel/YouTube
Travel Channel/YouTube

I guess that is what you get if you buy a ghost town. Ghosts are sometimes included in the sale.

A new paranormal investigation series is coming soon to Travel Channel. Unlike other paranormal shows, this series doesn't involve people traveling to haunted locations all over the world. The entire series is focused on one location, a ghost town called Gunslinger Gulch, near Anaconda, MT.

Travel Channel/YouTube
Credit: Travel Channel via YouTube

According to the Travel Channel

When the Broussard family answered the beckoning call of a new life in Big Sky Country and opportunity to own this unique 52-acre property, they got more than they bargained for. They soon discovered the ranch offered anything but the serene Montana lifestyle they were seeking. Relentless, menacing supernatural activity has plagued the family since day one, leaving them terrified and desperate for answers.

This six-episode series follows paranormal investigator Tim Wood, and his team, as they uncover some really dark details about Gunslinger Gulch.

The new series, GHOST TOWN TERROR, is set to premiere on March 11th on the Travel Channel and Discovery+.

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