Here at 94.9 KYSS FM we LOVE coffee, it's how Charene and I get through the morning show. It took us a while to create the perfect blend for the KYSS Coffee be we have it perfected with Hunter Bay Coffee, and now we have mugs to go along with our coffee roast.

Our friends at Stitches Embroidery and Screen Printing in Missoula did an excellent job on these new mugs, they really are a good quality product! I would lighly suggest working with them if you need any promotional material of your own.

You can expect that we will be giving away the new mugs and KYSS coffee in the morning on the radio but we will also take them out when we are around town doing remote broadcasts. So make sure to come stop by and see us when we are around Missoula, you never know, you could end up with one of the coolest coffee mugs ever! I'm not positive but I am pretty sure these mugs do in fact make your coffee taste better.

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