I do have to say I'm a bit jealous of the news that Billings will be getting a Chick-fil-A. I lived in Florida for a while and I grew to become quite the fan. These days, I have to hope that when I'm travelling I'll find one in an airport when I'm on a layover. But the good news is that Kalispell is already in the Chick-fil-A business......and with Billings about to join the club.....it can't be long until the big bosses of the chicken chain realize they're missing out on a pretty cool little town called Missoula.

Even though there's no Chick-fil-A news for us, there is a couple things in the works when it comes to new places to eat.

We're patiently waiting for the new WinCo Foods to open in the old ShopKo, and it's getting really close from what I've been seeing on their social media pages. From the video at the bottom of this page, it sounds like when it does open there will be a sushi shop inside.

One place I'm getting excited to have open is Fire House Subs on N. Reserve. I drive by the old Fuddruckers location often and they're making some serious progress on the new buildings. You'll also see in the video below that they mention there will also be a Brooklyn Bagel & Bakery going in at the same location.

One more bit of news from the video is that the Missoula Indoor Sports Arena is for sale. It looks like it's been on the market for a while and I'm bummed to see the news. I've played in soccer leagues there, my daughter has done the soccer camps, and my kids have done their fair share of jumping with the inflatables. I know it's been a rough go for the owners since the pandemic started and I hope that once it sells it will continue on as MISA.

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