Someone in our building sent an email this week to give us all a heads up about COVID-19 testing guidelines at a local testing facility. The co-worker was letting us all know that they couldn't get a test because they didn't show any symptoms at the time. And that's been one of the interesting parts of testing - you can test positive without showing symptoms - but places won't test you if you don't have symptoms.

A couple companies that have locations in Missoula are in the headlines this week for news about their COVID-19 testing options. One story is about the ability to purchase a test kit online and avoid having to go to a testing site.

Costco announced they'll be selling a saliva kit online. For about $130 you can get a kit where you'll submit a sample and have test results within 24 to 72 hours of your test being received by the lab. You can pay an additional $10 for a virtual observation version where someone will watch you submit your sample via video and make sure you're doing it correctly. It seems like the submission process should be pretty straight forward - not sure I would spend the extra $10. There's been some discussion about saliva tests not being as accurate and dependable as nasal swabs. But the doctor in this video says it's pretty reliable and should be a great alternative to making an appointment for testing.

Another story this week has CVS expanding their COVID-19 testing options by adding rapid-result testing at nearly 1,000 locations by the end of the year. Test takers will perform a self-swab test in front of a CVS employee and results will be available in about 30 minutes. Of course, the quicker that COVID-19 cases can be identified, it can help minimize the spread and get us to where we all eventually want to be - looking back at all of this in the rear view mirror. No word on if/when the rapid tests will be available in Missoula.

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