You know how you're always pulling out your phone and opening the map because you either don't know or can't remember where a city is located?  Sounds like Gabriel Hendrix doesn't have that problem.

He's a middle school student at Target Range School in Missoula and he'll soon be on his way to Washington D.C. to compete in the National Geographic Bee!

Hendrix is a 7th grader and just qualified for the national competition that will take place in May.  You might be asking how one would qualify for the National Geographic Bee.  The answer would be to win the Montana GeoBee which is what Gabriel did last week.

Now he'll represent Montana as he competes for the national title beginning May 19th.

There must be something in the water at Target Range School.  Hendrix is the third student they've sent to the National Geographic Bee in the last eight years.

Good luck, Gabriel.  We'll be rooting for you!


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