Well it can't prevent someone from actually putting the drug in your drink but it can tell if someone has...let me explain.

Being  a science nerd I think this is fascinating and also so beneficial to women everywhere. While wearing the nail polish, the user swirls his or her finger in the drink. If the fingernail polish turns a different color, this indicates the drink has been spiked with one of the date rape drugs.

Parents are so worried when sending their kids off to school and especially the young females. You here so many stories of bad things happening, you want to be protected and in many ways you can do that. This nail polish is just one of multiple ways you should be protected as a lady in today's society. Confidence goes a long ways, a defense tool, this nail polish and maybe a few skilled moves to use if need be, are things I think all women should have.

No word on when the product will be available, but the founders come from North Carolina and have been getting many donations to fund this project.

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