For most people going to race go-carts are a fun experience, for my wife and I, it has now turned into hard hitting action out on the track. We decided after eating a big breakfast to go over to The Hub. We decided on three races for each of us, it was me, my wife, and her parents.

The first race went really well, I took first, and everyone got a good feel for how the track was as well as the carts. I will admit while we were racing for the first time, I might have gotten a little aggressive with my father in law ending up stuck with some of the race track on top of his cart. I have a great relationship with my father-in-law, so it was absolutely not intentional, but I know he wanted to get me back at some point. That's half the fun of racing those little carts.

The second race was fun, although I felt like my car was a little slower this go-around. I again took first place, but everyone on the track improved. Everyone had a good feel for how the track was and knew what to expect when getting in the carts.

The third race, all bets were off, it was 'GO TIME'. I started out in the back cart and before the race started I told my wife I was going to have to pass everyone, but that wouldn't be too difficult. Well I didn't realize that my wife was going to try everything in her power to not let me pass, and try to hit me off the track. On our third lap around she got me! I was completely spun out and that lap took me 7 seconds more than any other lap. Luckily I regained momentum, passed her, and took first place for all three races.

One thing is for sure, I will not be shooting off my mouth before I ride in go-carts against my wife ever again.

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