I'm not familiar with the website but so proud of my beautiful little niece Jordyn! At the age of 3, she has already landed her first modeling gig for zulily.com. When I talked to her about it on the last trip to Seattle, she said he favorite part was "getting pretty".

One thing that I really love about my brother and Jordyn's mom who is also featured in the picture above is that they aren't pressuring her at all. They asked Jordyn if it was something she was interested in and tell her often that she can stop at any time.

It seems lately that so many kids are treated like adults and don't get to enjoy their childhood. I'm just glad Jordyn is having fun with this adventure, whether she does it for the rest of her life or decides she wants to stop tomorrow.

Photo courtesy of zulily.com
Photo courtesy of zulily.com

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