I am all about the hobbies and this summer I want to add another one to my extensive list of things I like to do. I use to do this up in the Flathead and I loved it and would like to do it more and learn how to do it better.

I have some questions and am in need of help but my next summer hobby is going to be dirt-biking! Like I said I have ridden before but years ago and really enjoyed it. I would like to learn how to ride better and make sure I am as safe as possible. I just need to find a used dirt-bike good for my size? I hear a 150, or a Honda CRF230 may be a good one for myself? I'm a female beginner rider. Finding the right bike is key and important. I also don't want to spend a lot on a bike that I will most likely bang up a bit.

A great thing about our area and something we need to protect is the usage of outdoor trails and land, even for some motorized usage. I love dirt-biking and that is what I want to get into more. There are a lot of areas you can go and enjoy the outdoors and access areas.



    My Forever Hobby

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