I’ve been known to cut down a few trees in my time, standing dead of course. I still own an old Homelite VL 955 with a 24” bar. I got it a long time ago from an old logger who was retiring. When we heated our house with wood I used it to cut 8-10 cords every summer. We built our first home with logs and that saw cut every one of them. We don’t heat with wood anymore and we sold the house. But I kept that saw. The spark arrester is blown out of it now and it’s so darn loud my ears ring even when I wear protection. My hands tingle from the vibration for about a half hour after I put it down. However, I just can’t give it up. That’s right I have an “attachment” for it. It’s all cleaned up and sits in the garage in a cabinet. The chain is sharp, filed it myself by hand. At least once a year I get it out, fire it up, scare the dogs , fill the garage with smoke and trim a few trees. I love that old chainsaw. I would never try this with it!