Officials with the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation said on Tuesday, that the Lost Mine Loop fire on Upper Miller Creek Road would be 100% controlled by the end of the day.

DNRC spokesman Jordan Koppen said the fire has calmed down considerably in the past 24 hours.

"We have one hand-crew up there right now just doing mop-up operations," Koppen said. "They're just putting the fire to bed, and it's probably going to be 100% contained by two or three this afternoon. Total acreage of the fire was 152.5 acres, and officials are still estimating the cost of fighting the fire."

Koppen said the fuels in western Montana are still very dry and chance of more fires is high.

"It's going to get hot in the next few days with highs in the 80's," he said. "We definitely have to be careful out there. Tow chains, chainsaws, any other sources of ignition, such as warming fires for hunting camps, we're just asking the public to be extremely cautious and careful with fire."

Officials say the fire was started by the hot muffler of a chainsaw that caused dry grass to catch fire.

DNRC spokesman Jordan Koppen