I was over at my friend's for some Easter brunch when he started talking about some big news he was reading.

I was watching a movie and only half listening but my friend told me that the Cleveland Browns traded for Odell Beckham Junior (star for the NY Giants). He was going on and on about ridiculous it sounded and that didn't even trigger us off. I then looked it up and told him well I just read that the Dallas Cowboys put in a bid for him we got all excited and then he saw that the Patriots had actually acquired ODB. Wow what was going on we thought... then I realized it was April Fools and those are all fake. One after another of the same story with different teams acquiring him started popping up.

Even Adam Schefter threw his hat in the ring to help the joke and tweeted:

I'm still having a hard time believing what is real with that right now. Another April Fools in the books with some good pranks that were had I'm sure.

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