I feel like this is really all you need in Florida. a watermelon drink cup and some water shoes. I tend to over-plan, and start "packing" way in advance.

I was looking all over for non-mark soled shoes for the water, as it is super important to have non-scuffing shoes for the boats. Most guides require them. You would be surprised how many shoes actually leave marks. Not great to leave a big black mark on a fisherman's fancy boat.

The watermelon cup I got from VS in the mall and it was one of those gifts, but when I saw it I was like really that is the neatest cup and twirly straw. Nice to grab a gift for Florida on the cheap. I still need to get a couple more things but not many.

I am one month away from the trip and I should be packed weeks in advance yet I will still forget something.




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