A great delicacy for our area is Morel Mushrooms, although not easy to find but when you do you usually find a lot. I tried them for the very first time!

I have many friends that go out and pick them, been to many restaurants that have them but have never tried them. There are many reasons that Morel Mushrooms are expensive and hard to come by. They perish easy, are found after a burn and they are also hard to cultivate. You find many locals though that know there stuff and pick them and get them to local establishments.

I was lucky enough to be at a camp over the weekend where one of the gentlemen had them that he had just picked. They were pretty fresh and he cooked them with a pesto butter mix.

They were delicious and very tender, and a bit meaty at the same time.

There is actually a whole Facebook page dedicated to Wyoming Mushrooms and in particular Morels.

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