This past Saturday our awesome friends Jennifer and Aaron invited us out on their boat again, so we met them up in Polson to spend the day on the lake. It was already going to be a tremendous day since Aaron had just celebrated his birthday a few days earlier, so of course he was wearing an inflatable crown all day. The day just kept getting better as the wake boards and knee came out and people were taking turns on them.

I had never been on a wake board or knee board so I really didn't know what to expect, but I always say try everything once. So, yes, I did attempt to knee board for the first time. I had no idea how much strength it takes to 'get up' on the knee board but I came really close. It wasn't the strength that created the problem for me, it was trying to balance while holding onto the rope when first getting started.

After about 4 attempts I let the next person attempt to get up, I never quite got up and strapped in on the knee board but it was still lots of fun. My final run was probably the worst, because I fell on my face but still tried to hold onto the rope. I quickly learned that knee boarding and being on an inner-tube are two completely different things, and sometimes it's best to just drop the rope.

I would do it again, because it was lots of fun, but I might wait a few days. I never realized how many muscles you use while attempting to knee board, especially muscles you don't use very often. If you ever have the chance to try knee boarding I highly suggest it, if nothing else you can check something else off of your bucket list.


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