I tried a few times last summer to accomplish this and had no luck. In the last year or so though I have really stepped up my fly fishing game and even more so this weekend.

Now bass fishing on a fly is NOT easy and as a matter of fact maybe one of the more difficult fish I have tried to catch probably because I chose the wrong time of year. The best time to catch them is in the spawn which we are just a bit late for but were able to find a lot of beds and bedding fish still.

This weekend was just great for learning and fishing. I learned and saw a lot of fish, enjoyed the holiday and company. Timing and placement of fly is everything depending on the time of year with these fish.

You are site casting to their beds and need to be perfect on your cast because if you flop the water too much you scare them away. They like to either eat or attack leaches, crawdads and other small bait fish that are in their beds. So that is what you imitate this time of year anyway to catch Bass.

I caught two largemouth and one smallmouth Bass!




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