I have been thinking and I love a lot of winter things and sports per say that I like. You can snowmobile, ice wind-surf ( I guess?), ski, ice fish, winter fly fishing, curling, hockey. Which one is my favorite though?

I play hockey and love to ski but I'm not sure if they are my favorites. The one that my is my favorite you don't do a lot of work for, and that is not normal for me. I do a lot of things that require energy and stamina and some physical work, this one not so much. I started thinking about it and I know I don't do it a lot but ice fishing is probably my favorite winter sport and it is a sport because they do big competitions all over for it.

All it takes is an ogre and a rod and you are set to go, well maybe some bait but even without it you can use regular corn from home and still catch stuff. It just is an easy winter activity that can get you outside and into some fish.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM





    Fly Fishing

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