With Mother's Day approaching this upcoming Sunday, I was thinking about my mom, and how amazing she is. To be a mom is not an easy task, in fact I cannot think of a more difficult job. You have to do so many things, often at one time. It is something that I will never understand, but will always appreciate and admire.

My mom is a very strong woman for such a small person. To think that my mom raised 5 kids, all while being a full time employee at Boeing as I was growing up is beyond comprehension to me. I struggle with life day to day, and I have no kids other than two dogs, that are very spoiled.

To every Mom, thank you, there are often days that you don't get the recognition that you deserve so enjoy every second of it this weekend. And while you relax this weekend, enjoy my 3 favorite country songs that talk about Mom.

  • 1


    Garth Brooks
  • 2

    Mama's Song

    Carrie Underwood
  • 3

    Mother Like Mine

    The Band Perry

    Beautiful Missoula!

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