An employee of Missoula's Mustard Seed has tested positive for COVID-19 causing the restaurant to close for deep cleaning, according to a September 21st Facebook post from their management. The Mustard Seed is still currently located at the Southgate Mall, but planning a move south down Brooks as the new Scheel's store basically takes over that entire end of the Mall.

At least three current Mustard Seed employees took to the post to voice their concern at not being notified of a COVID-19 positive co-worker, stating they only learned about it from the Facebook post. Customers wondered if they would be notified if their delivery person may have exposed them to COVID-19.

On Sunday, the White House listed Montana in the 'red zone' for COVID-19 cases, we are currently 18th in the nation for new cases per 100,000 residents. NBC Montana posted the Montana State Report from 9/20 here.

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