Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 30th we will definitely Keep Missoula Weird as the Mullet Cycling Classic is set to take place from 5pm-9pm at Marshall Mountain. Being hosted by MTB Missoula, the event is exactly as it seems, business in the front and party in the back.

The Mullet Cycling Classic will be a two-rider relay race: one person goes up, one person comes down. The race will begin with a LeMans start in the base area. Climbers run to their bikes and ascend the course through a challenging route. As described in their Facebook event page, "this stage is for the legs and the lungs."

At the top of the course the climber passes the timing baton to the descender, who races to the finish line through a selection of different descending routes. This sounds like the most exciting thing going on tomorrow, I would definitely check this out if you have some free time.

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