We had a social night in our neighborhood over the summer. Actually, we had a social distance night over the summer. The pandemic was already in full force so everybody was spread out in lawn chairs with beverages in hand. With some turnover in the neighborhood, it was a gathering for neighbors to get to know each other. One of the guys was talking about how he's a train operator. Not like he works on the train and his job has him hitching a ride from spot to spot. No.....he was the actual driver! The one in charge making sure things keep chugging down the tracks. Maybe that excites me more than you. But as a kid that grew up spending time near the local train tracks it always seemed like a pretty cool job.

With today being Veterans Day, this is a pretty cool story about Montana Rail Link honoring military members for their service. They've introduced a new locomotive to the fleet - decked out in the stars and stripes with THANK YOU VETERANS in bold letters on the side. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for this beauty whenever I see a train rolling through Missoula.

It sounds like a second special locomotive is one the way as well. This one will pay tribute to first responders and thank them for all they've done during the pandemic. High five to Montana Rail Link for showing the love to those that are choosing to serve others in their profession.

And since we're on the subject of saying thanks - check out this list of freebies that are being offered up by local businesses today to say thank you to our veterans for their service.

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