A sports-oriented drama filmed in Montana, in Great Falls and Great Falls High School, to be exact, makes its official debut soon.

The Last Champion stars Cole Hauser (from Yellowstone and Dazed and Confused) and is set for official release on December 8th. Also, a Great Falls native, Olivia Longin had a small role in the film.

Matt Morrison, representing Howler Media, gave us the movie's overview:

John Wright was a hometown hero, the powerful star of his high school wrestling team and a promising Olympian. He could have had it all. But one bad decision - a failed drug test - destroyed his dreams and forced him to leave under a cloud of scandal that has haunted him ever since.

Twenty years later, John returns to his small hometown after his mother’s death, hoping to save his family home from foreclosure.  His icy reception proves his former friends and neighbors still haven’t forgiven him for letting them down.  Unexpectedly, John gets the opportunity to turn everything around – by coaching his high school’s wrestling team.  There he meets Michael, a talented underdog with a troubled home life, facing a vicious opponent out to destroy him both on and off the mat.  Can John become the leader the team and Michael needs, or will he lose himself to the dark demons of his past?

The Last Champion is described as an inspirational family sports drama that will have you believing in second chances. It’s a story about faith, loss and redemption. Besides starring Cole Hauser (Yellowstone), the movie also features Hallie Todd (Lizzie McGuire), Randall Batinkoff (X-Men: First Class) and Peter Onorati (This is Us).  It is directed, produced and co-written by actor Glenn Withrow (The Outsiders).

You can see the trailer here. The Last Champion is available on iTunes for pre-orders and officially premiers December 8.


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