Halloween can fall on any day of the week.  If you've had to get home from work on a Wednesday night, rush to get the kids in costume, hit the neighborhood for trick-or-treating and then get the kids in bed for school the next day.........this might peak your interest.

There's an online petition that wants to move Halloween from October 31st to the last Saturday in October.  It would be a rotating schedule - think Memorial Day.  The petition has been making the rounds since last year and it now has over 100,000 signatures.  Does a October 28th Halloween sound weird?

And what happens with any petition that gets over 75,000 signatures?  It makes its way to the president, of course.

There's obviously two sides to every argument but the thinking behind the petition is that it would make Halloween better/easier for everyone if it fell on a Saturday.

Would you be in favor of such a move?  We asked that question with a poll on our Facebook page today.  As I'm writing this, 70% say "NO".

Cast your vote and leave your thoughts by clicking on the Facebook post above.

And view the petition HERE!

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