Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my... well actually, it's just the first one.

A mountain lion was spotted in the yard of a Missoula residence this morning, and officers are still currently on the lookout for it. They got the call around 2:30 AM, and are looking around the Sunset Pines Court area.

So, as if you needed another reason not to go outside after COVID-19 and an unhealthy air quality in Missoula brought on by the smoke that's been in town all week, now you've got to worry about a mountain lion. Fun times! What else can we pile onto 2020 before the year is out? A stampede? A herd of locusts? A new Dane Cook movie?

Obviously, if you have any info, please contact the authorities. And since this is the time of year when wildlife tends to make its way into populated areas, stay close to your kids and pets and keep your trash secure.

Have you ever seen a mountain lion up close? I had a bear in my backyard once - this wasn't in Missoula though, this was where I grew up in New York. I was definitely frozen in my Jurassic Park stance, thinking "It can't see us if we don't move."

(Note: The bears probably can see you, even if you're not moving. I'm no bear-ologist, but in retrospect they probably don't work the same as a fictional T-Rex.)

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