We're starting to see businesses and services open up locally after the forced closures from COVID-19. As more and more people start to return to work, visit public places, and travel, what requirements will be put into place concerning the usage of face masks?

Right now, it's highly suggested that you wear a face mask if you're going to be in public. As far as mandates that affect us locally, Costco started making masks a requirement this week and Uber has said they'll make drivers and passengers both wear face coverings. Beginning May 11th, you can add Mountain Line to the list requiring some form of face protection.

Face masks aren't the only change for Mountain Line next week. As they've seen increased users with the loosening of restrictions, they'll change a couple routes back to normal service while others will remain on the adjusted schedules. A press release had comments from Mountain Lines' director of operations stating "We have already begun to see an increase in ridership as Missoula reopens, and we are monitoring capacity closely. Restoring 15-minute service on Routes 1 and 2 is in direct response to the need for more physical distancing space for riders along those routes.” Adjusted hours will remain in effect.

You can see the adjusted schedules for Mountain Line HERE. They ask that riders only use their service as needed to help with social distancing. See more in a Missoulian article here.

We're not exactly New York when it comes to bus transportation around town. But, do you feel comfortable using Mountain Line service while we continue to face the coronavirus pandemic?


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