As students are returning to the classroom within the next few days there are things we need to remember. Like when traveling in the morning be more diligent about looking for kids. Especially in the first week kids are so excited to see their friends they often times aren't paying attention to being safe. So, make sure you keep an eye out for kids running across the street unsuspectingly.

Another lesson everyone needs to remember is to slow down in school zones. This was the most expensive lesson I learned when I was in college. I was driving in a new area that I wasn't familiar with and didn't realize I was in a school zone, next thing I know I was pulled over. The officer did write me a ticket for just under $200. I was not happy but I should have been paying more attention. Not knowing the area is not an excuse.

So learn from my mistake from 10 years ago and make sure you are extra careful as students are headed back to the classroom.


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