This your official "Hey, don't drive drunk" warning for the season. I mean, you shouldn't be driving drunk anyway, but know that if you do, there's gonna be extra police on patrol, ready to pull you over. Starting today, Missoula Police will be increasing their patrols and looking out for reckless or impaired driving.

Granted, a lot of people probably won't be out anyway this year, thanks to COVID. It's made going to hang out at the bars a lot more difficult, especially since under the most recent guidelines, they're all required to close at 10:00.

So maybe we'll see less drunk drivers this year as a result. But, it could be just the opposite - people having gatherings with friends and family at their houses and attempting to drive home after a few too many drinks. Like I said, don't do this!

The police are also encouraging anyone who sees a potential drunk driver to call 911 and report them - just because there are more cops out on the street, that doesn't mean they can be everywhere at once. Your action when you see somebody swerving on the road could be the thing that saves someone's life.

Everyone's holiday plans are different this year, but there's one thing we've all heard from a family member at some point or another over the last few months: stay safe. They were probably talking about COVID and keeping away from it, but it applies to this, too. Don't be reckless, don't drive drunk. Or as the saying goes, "Drive sober or get pulled over."

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