While these incidents aren't in our back yard here in western Montana, FWP always appreciates it when we spread the word as much as possible.

We are deep in the heart of general big game seasons in Montana. Sadly, a few people with rifles in often isolated, remote areas make bad decisions with little or no regard for fellow hunters or ethics. That can lead to sad results, as is the case here.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking information on a cow moose shot and left on Sure Enough Road in the Little Snowy Mountains south of Lewistown. It is believed that the moose was shot either October 31 or November 1, according to Montana FWP game warden Shawn Briggs. Warden Briggs said that they would like to hear from anyone with information so they can attempt to resolve the issue.

Another incident recently occurred in northwest Montana, at least according to some social media posts that have been circulating.  A post in the Bigfork Bulletin Facebook group claims that two grizzly bears were killed and dumped on a very public road in the Flathead. The person who posted the photo wrote, "Pretty ballsy to not only kill two grizzlies, but then to dump them on the side of a road with a decent amount of traffic. I hope you get caught."

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks reminds anyone with information on these incidents  or any others to call 1-800-TIPMONT. Callers are kept confidential and a reward is possible.


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