Many families are approaching the holidays this year in a position they didn't expect to find themselves in. A lot of people have been affected with lost jobs or reduced hours because of the pandemic as companies have had to make cuts to offset the loss of business. The loss of a job or reduced income can really stand out this time of year when there's so much pressure from the expectations of added expenses.

If you or someone you know are on the hunt for employment - Job Service Montana is trying to put people in touch with employers that are looking to hire. They've announced that they'll hold virtual job fairs on a monthly basis and try to provide as many job seekers as possible with options for employment. Different businesses will be featured monthly to showcase their companies and the openings that are available (Elite One Manufacturing, Police Department, WinCo, Wal-Mart, and Labor Max for December.)

This is a pretty cool option - especially if you've ever been looking for work in the past and had to attend job fairs in person. How great is it that you can just join a meeting from your phone or computer to learn about a company's history and learn about openings?

And if you're currently looking for what you're going to do for your next job - the Job Service Missoula Facebook page is a pretty handy one to follow. They regularly post job openings as well as details on classes, training, and other programs.

You can also find Job Service Missoula at 539 S. 3rd St. W. in Missoula.

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