The news of the Canadian truck driver protests has not been as frequent as it was prior to Russia invading Ukraine. But, the protests continue as our neighbors to the north stand up to their government. The vaccine mandate for truck drivers is what sparked the debate.

Truck drivers are not happy with the government vaccine mandate. As it is currently, anyone looking to enter Canada that doesn't have a COVID vaccination is required by law to quarantine for two weeks before entering. Meaning that truck drivers hauling goods from the US have to basically choose between losing their jobs or getting vaccinated. The result is thousands of drivers and their families are practically shutting down the supply chain with the protest.

Now, American truck drivers are standing up for their rights. Earlier this month, drivers from all over the country began their journey to Washington DC. The convoy had an overwhelming response from people all over Montana, as the convoy made its way through Montana.

A Facebook video from Support Trucker Convoy Montana shows hundreds of Montanans lining I-90 overpasses as well as the shoulder of the road, to cheer on the convoy. The video documents the number of people who turned out in each community along the road. With people waving flags and waving in support of the convoy. From Alberton in western Montana, all the way to Hardin in the east. It seemed that each off-ramp heading east on I-90 had someone there to greet the truck drivers. Even Big Timber hosted a fireworks display for the convoy.


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