If you have received seeds from China that are packaged with the promise of something else inside, you're not alone.

Jewelry? No. Toys? Sorry, kids, forget about it. Montana is among over 30 states so far that are victims of the scam, and Departments of Agriculture around the country are very concerned. And they are advising people, don't even think about planting them.

These mysterious, unsolicited packages of seeds supposedly being sent from China to homes across America may be invasive species and could be tied to a fake product review scam. Based on photographs and other evidences, the seeds appear to have been shipped by China’s state-owned postal company and contained Chinese lettering on the exterior, encouraging recipients to look inside for jewelry and toys, among other products.

Some people in Montana have confirmed receiving mysterious packages in the mail from China over the last few weeks. The content of the packages is found to contain unknown plant seeds. The Montana Department of Agriculture confirmed earlier this week that at least five Montana residents reportedly received packages of seed with what appears to be Chinese origins.

And receiving unwanted or contaminated seed is against the law in Montana as it violates the Montana Agricultural Seed Act. The Act protects consumers from receiving poor quality, contaminated or unwanted seed. So, what to do? A good start would be to contact the Montana Department of Agriculture. And obviously, don’t throw them in the garbage. Don’t plant them. Don’t touch them. You have no idea what invasive species you might be introducing to your garden.

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