I feel like the authors of articles like this never get the credit they deserve for writing something that a bunch of people really enjoyed reading. Instead, they probably only hear from those that want to complain about their city not making the list. I suppose we can all make an argument about what makes the place we live so unique. And we can probably make some valid points about Missoula having the qualifications to make this specific list. But only one place in Montana gets the honors of being named to Thrillist's list of the 16 Coolest Small Cities in America.

Bozeman gets the nod!

See what I mean? Right now some of you are reading this and asking "what does Bozeman have that Missoula doesn't?" Here's part of what Thrillist had to say about Bozeman making the list.

Bozeman has long flown under the radar—but not for much longer. Home to Montana State University, you’ve got laid-back college town vibes paired with Western small-town charm and a touch of big-city culture, like the Museum of the Rockies and iconic music venue The Rialto. It's an immediate charmer thanks to its gorgeous mountain setting and walkable downtown district.

But wait, why exactly does Bozeman get the nod over Missoula?

Hmmm. The description above does feel like you could just sub in the University of Montana and The Wilma and Missoula could just as easily make the list. The praise of Bozeman goes on to mention the outdoors with skiing, hiking, biking, hunting, rafting, hot springs, and fly fishing. And throw in a couple of places to eat and a few dive bars like they do in the article and you could definitely make the case that Missoula and Bozeman could easily share a spot on the list. I suppose in the end it's a toss-up.

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Alright, Bozeman, we'll give you bragging rights for this round! And if you want to see the entire list of the coolest small cities, you'll find it HERE.

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