Did you know there are over 10,000 state parks across the entire United States? That's so many parks! That's more than 200 parks for every state in the entire country, in case you were about to do the math.

Montana itself is home to a ton of great state parks, and in recent months, they've seen a huge boost in visitors due the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. After being cooped up in their houses for weeks or months on end, people need the release of being able to explore the outdoors a bit.

And Thrillist compiled a list of the 30 best state parks in the entire United States, and check it out - one of Montana's made the cut. That would be Makoshika State Park, located in Glendive. Here's a brief excerpt from the article on why Makoshika is one of the best:

Montana's largest state park might not be as famous as places like Glacier, but it's still the finest spot in Big Sky Country to mingle with dinosaur fossils. And the best part? You can mingle with said fossils buried within the state's far eastern plains anytime of day, as the park never closes. Also, you can play disc golf at all hours of the night in total wilderness.

I've never been to Makoshika, but now it's definitely on my radar. Have you been there before? Is there another Montana state park you think deserves a spot on this list?

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