After spending my entire life in Montana. I have only recently taken interest in harvesting a black bear. I have had many black bear encounters, but never had a tag in my pocket. This year, I am actively pursuing the opportunity to take a Montana black bear. But how? For someone who has never spent a lot of time searching for black bears, where do I start? The internet of course. I stumbled across a video, from outdoor host Randy Newberg, that shows a great "spot and stalk" method for public land hunters in Montana.

Bottom line, bears are hungry after recently waking up from a long nap. You will see more bear movement in spring, than you will see most of the year. The trick is to get a good vantage point and glass. Bears will forage for about 1/3 of the day, and spend the rest napping. So just be patient and try wait for a groggy bear to go for a snack.

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