Have you been watching American Song Contest, the latest singing competition on NBC? It's essentially the United States' answer to the Eurovision Song Contest - 56 contestants, one from each US state or territory, are selected, and then have to make their way to the finals.

For Montana, our selection came in the form of Jonah Prill, a Billings native who moved to Nashville to pursue a career in country music. We've been following his progress over the course of the show, and he's been doing really well! But, unfortunately, it looks like Montana is going to go home without a win this year - turns out Jonah Prill didn't get enough votes to make it to the finals.

The Finale Will Feature 10 Artists Competing For the Top Spot

Montana Right Now spoke to Jonah Prill after his exit, and he seems to take it in stride, feeling that he's "already won" just by being on the show. It's definitely a good career boost to get that kind of exposure on national TV, regardless of the outcome.

This version of his song "Fire It Up" during the semifinals turned out to be Jonah's last performance on the show.

But hey, to make it to the semifinals, to make it just outside the top 10 out of 56 contestants - that's pretty impressive stuff! We're wishing Jonah the best of success, and we'll see how this affects his career in Nashville going forward.

Meanwhile, the American Song Contest finale airs on Monday, May 9. Who do you want to see win it all?

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