If you are familiar with the movie Beerfest, you may remember that one of the keys to the German team being able to out drink other countries, is they train at high altitude. They say that the lower amount of oxygen in the higher altitudes will make you feel intoxicated quicker. Maybe that might be the case why Montana made the Top 10 list of beer drinking lightweights.

According to Alcohol.org

We found some pretty interesting insights about beer tolerance levels in each state. First, we saw the majority of states’ respondents start feeling drunk after being partway into their fourth beer. Arizona and Michigan’s populations, however, reportedly start feeling drunk after 4.04 and 4.02 beers, respectively. These states are followed closely by Maine (3.88), Wisconsin (3.88), and Missouri (3.87).

The states with the lowest averages are Hawaii (2.71), Idaho (2.75), Arkansas (2.90), Montana (2.92), and California (2.96).

Here is one issue that I have with the study. They don't say what particular type of beer someone is drinking. Is it domestic light beer or are we talking homegrown craft beer? Maybe that is why Utah made the top 10 states that can drink nearly 4 beers before feeling drunk. Their beer is 3%. I can honestly say that somewhere between my first Coldsmoke and my third, yeah I probably caught a buzz.

Montana also claimed the title for most amount of "lightweights" in the country.

According to Alcohol.org

we wanted to see specifically where respondents are most likely to feel drunk after having 1 beer. According to our survey findings, that title goes to Montana, where 38% of their respondents say so. Next on the list are Hawaii and Idaho, each with 32.7%. The states with the lowest percentages, on the other hand, are Maine (11.5%), North Dakota (11.8%), and Wisconsin (11.8%).


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