When I entered high school phones were just starting to become ubiquitous. They weren't as influential as they are now with the young people, but we still used them in school like the dumb kids we were.

Now phones are everywhere. I can't imagine what teachers have to deal with. Can they even hold their attention? Are kids texting through class?

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All I know is I'm glad I grew up without cell phones, especially smartphones. My first cell phone was one of those brick-like Nokias that you couldn't break even if you dropped an atomic bomb on it.

Regardless, kids have them and there's no putting the genie back in the bottle. So after I read an article from the Associated Press describing a teacher's plea to parents to stop texting their students during school, I reached out to parents on our Facebook page and our mobile app to see if they text their students during school.

For the most part, our responses were more "yes" than "no." I thought there would be some parents to say "No absolutely not."

My coworker, Z100's Chris Wolfe said he texts his kids if he needs to. He won't just text saying "Hey buddy, how's school treating you?" It's more necessary information.

Some parents on Facebook echoed the same sentiment. Teresa wrote, "Only if I need to tell her someone else is picking her up... and only at the end of the day."

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Samantha joked (I think) "Yes- Turn in the missing assignments!!!!"


Katlyn said she's talked with her child at their lunch break or about after-school events, but pointed out it's all good as long as they get back to class.

The other responses were more of the same. I'm surprised no one came in yelling NO KIDS OF MINE WILL BE TEXTING IN SCHOOL.

Let us know if you text your kids in school.

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