There were many notable fundraisers in Montana this year which uplifted families, businesses, and the community at large.

So says Jeff Platt, Communications Manager and Spokesperson for the world's largest fundraising platform. And as a result of that kindness, which we in Montana view as pretty much just the way you do things, GoFundMe has named the state one of the 10 most generous in America for 2022.

Montana is GoFundMe's 9th most generous state for supporting individuals, causes, and organizations this year. They released their annual end of year report that "reflects community impact in advancing its mission of helping people help each other."  The figures are based on the number of donations per capita.

Jeff Platt told us that, "When you look at all the people who helped each other on GoFundMe by starting a fundraiser or making a donation — 28 million this year alone—you start to see a bigger picture. Through the storms, sickness, and new opportunities, we are connected to one another through help."

A GoFundMe campaign is often a bittersweet endeavor, trying to bring sunshine to the darkness of a tragedy. Jeff shared some powerful examples of where Montanans stepped up in these situations in 2022.

There was the massive flooding of the Yellowstone River that caused chaos for many Montanans. The state rallied during an effort that raised $56,000.

Nearly $200,000 was raised to support the family of Bozeman High School teacher Kelly Fulton, who was fatally struck by a car while riding his bike.

Another $147,000 was raised to help the Clouatre family after their husband/father, Craig, was killed by a grizzly bear while hiking near Yellowstone National Park.

Several months ago, we shared the tragic story of a mother of five being fatally shot outside of a Montana bar. This was another example of caring and compassionate Montanans stepping up via GoFundMe.

Again, our thanks to Jeff Platt for sharing the report with us. GoFundMe's Top 10 most generous states for 2002 are:

  1. Vermont

  2. Delaware

  3. Maine

  4. New Hampshire

  5. West Virginia

  6. Pennsylvania

  7. Georgia

  8. South Carolina

  9. Montana

  10. Virginia

Sure looks like we carry the torch for the west, huh? Thank you, Treasure State, for all the treasure you share with others.

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