Even with these odds, I probably would not finish at the head of the class.

We want to wish good luck to a kindergarten-student-to-be this fall who will be the school's only student. AP tells us that the Cozy Hollow School, about 60 miles north of Laramie, Wyoming, plans to reopen after being shut down for 10 years. But at least it's not entirely antiquated or dilapidated. It does have a modular classroom in place. And you sure can't beat the student-to-teacher ratio.

So, why open a one-student schoolhouse when there is another one-student school just a few miles away from Cozy Hollow? Well, the road connecting them is impassable most of the winter so there would be a lot of snow days for one of those two kids.

Anyway, all the best to the Cozy Hollow Class of 2020!

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