Here's a study that I was sort of surprised to see Montana rank so highly on - Wallet Hub put together a list ranking each state by how difficult it is to socially distance from one another and self-isolate. And in my mind, Montana has so much open space and outdoor areas that I thought we would have placed relatively low on the list... but it turns out, it's the opposite.

According to the study, Montana is the number 3 most difficult state in which to socially isolate yourself. They ranked factors like how much people socialize normally, how popular group sports are, how much of a tourism industry each state has, and how serious each state has been about non-essential visitors from outside the state.

Utah took the number one spot while New Hampshire came in at number two. And if you're wondering about the easiest state to socially distance yourself from everyone, that would be Alabama, probably because there's not much to do there in the first place.

Do you think Montana should be ranked this high on this list?

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